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Basketball Leagues

The Toronto Basketball Training Center is excited to announce the launch of its 3v3 Y League, a comprehensive 10-week basketball program designed specifically for young athletes eager to elevate their game. This unique league offers an opportunity for boys and girls across various age groups to hone their skills, from those just starting at 7 years old to those refining their craft up to 16 years old. The program is structured to cater to different age groups, ensuring that each participant receives the attention and coaching needed to grow.

To ensure that all participants can fully benefit from this program, we require that all athletes come with some prior basketball experience. This ranges from participation in house leagues, rep teams, or even basketball camps. A general understanding of basketball fundamentals is crucial. We expect our athletes to be familiar with layups, dribbling, defense, passing and catching, the triple threat stance, and proper shooting form. The-League is designed not just to practice these skills but to perfect them, teaching the principles of basketball through both strategy and skill-building exercises.


Our D-League checklist serves as a guideline for the skills that each athlete should possess or aim to acquire throughout the program. This includes shooting with proper form, making consistent open layups, dribbling confidently while moving, and more. At the Toronto Basketball Training Center, we’re committed to not just enhancing your basketball skills but also building confidence and self-esteem. With a program fee of $360 for the 10-week session, participants will emerge with a refreshed outlook on the game, ready to take their skills to the next level. Note the programs start date on June 08, 2024, prepare to join us for a transformative journey in basketball excellence.

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About summer leagues

  •  Three (3) Players per Team

  •  Multiple games weekly

  •  Medals awarded of Each Division

  •  Mondays 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

  •  30 to 40 mins of training and games every week

  •  Spring Season: April to June

  •  Summer Season: June to August

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